Courtney English for Atlanta City Council President

A proven leader to unlock Atlanta’s promise for every family.

IMPROVED GRADUATION RATES for Our Kids and Raised Teacher Pay

As Chair of Atlanta Public School Board, Courtney has improved Atlanta’s schools. He’s raised teacher pay, increased school security, and balanced the APS budget. As a result, our schools graduation rates have improved from 50% to 77%.


Courtney knows that for too long, Atlanta’s growth has left many families behind. It’s why he’s committed to expanding opportunity to every family so their children can unlock Atlanta’s promise; better schools, good-paying jobs, and the opportunity for a bright future.

The sad truth about Michael Julian Bond…

Michael Julian Bond serves himself first. It’s sad, but it’s true.

  • He’s committed 300 ethics violations and was fined with the largest penalty in Georgia history, he owes nearly $50,000 in fines.1
  • He lied to city officials to use taxpayer money and attend his family reunion in Washington D.C.2
  • Ethics Commission Chairman even said to Bond, “With this level of violation, you don’t belong in office.”3

The sad truth is that Bond hasn’t been honest and has put himself first!

Check the Facts:

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On Tuesday, November 7, join Mayor Shirley Franklin in voting for Courtney English for City Council.

He’s a proven leader who will get things done and improve the lives of all of our families.


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