Courtney English for Atlanta City Council President

Almost 10 years ago, a young 21-year old male was found asleep in his car on the campus of Georgia Tech. He had just left a party at the college, where he was celebrating with other recent college grads and newly hired young professionals. When he got in his car, he quickly realized that he should not attempt to drive home. So there, only a few feet from where he’d parked the car earlier, he pulled to the shoulder of the campus drive, turned on his air conditioner, and fell asleep.

Later that evening, the man was awakened by a knock on the window. It was an officer of the Georgia Tech police. The officer explained that although the young man’s car was pulled over, the presence of his keys in his car’s ignition with the engine still running was sufficient for a charge of DUI.

You may have concluded by now that the young man in the story was me.

DUIs are serious offenses in our city and across the nation. Driving under the influence ruins futures, destroys families, and claims lives.

This month, as Atlanta prepares to welcome thousands of young adults, and the young-at-heart, back into our city to celebrate their respective homecomings, it is my hope that my story will help encourage all of us to get home safely.

For this reason, I have partnered with Uber to offer discounted rides from the campuses of Clark-Atlanta University, Emory University, Georgia State, Georgia Tech, Morehouse College, and Spelman College during homecoming weekend.  By simply applying the promo code EnglishATL in the Uber app, we can all receive safe, responsible, and discounted rides home.

College celebrations are a time-honored tradition, but I encourage you, and all those who visit and call Atlanta home, to celebrate safely.

Don’t risk getting in your car. Don’t put lives at risk.

Let my life story be a lesson to us all and let’s celebrate safely on our campuses and across our city.


Humbly and Lovingly,

Courtney D. English