Courtney English for Atlanta City Council President

November 6, Atlanta- Atlanta’s dark clouds of corruption hovered a little lower this weekend as a fraudulent flyer was mailed to voters across Atlanta from supporters of Michael Bond.

The subject of the attack ad was current Atlanta School Board Chairman Courtney English, who is challenging Michael Bond’s currently held seat on the Atlanta City Council.

The mailer is hallmarked by fictitious headlines, reportedly from the AJC, about Chairman English. The AJC responded this morning, calling the mailer “Legit fake news” as it described “The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s logo over falsified (and badly-Photoshopped) headlines about the challenger, Atlanta Board of Education chair Courtney English.”

“The mailer was a blatant attempt to once again abuse the public’s trust, this time by leveraging, and frankly assaulting, the credibility of Atlanta’s independent press.” said Chairman English. “It is unfortunate that he would compromise the integrity of the AJC and other media in his selfish pursuit of elected office, but this kind of deception is consistent with his willingness to deceive and defraud Atlanta and serves as yet another proof point for why he is unfit for public office.”

Earlier this year Councilman Bond tried to physically assault Chairman English during a community forum. Last week, Fox 5 reported on Councilman Bond being the “king” of using council funds to pay for city mailings. Councilman Bond also still holds the record for having the most ethics violations issued to one sitting elected official in the state of Georgia, and has yet to fulfill his promise to return campaign funds to his largest donor, who is currently under investigation by the FBI.

This latest chapter in the Unethical Behavior of Michael Bond aimed to deceive voters and dissuade them from supporting Chairman English, whose city council bid has received high-profile support from many respected leaders throughout Atlanta, most vocally and notably, immediate past mayor Shirley Franklin.