Courtney English for Atlanta City Council President

On Council, Chairman English will work to create a safer, accessible, affordable, and educated Atlanta


  • Focus on community-first policing
  • Increase pay for police and fire fighters
  • Create partnership with Atlanta Public Schools, Atlanta Police Foundation and City of Atlanta to reduce the number of repeat offenders and remedy the root causes of crime
  • Leverage new technology (cameras, predictive analysis, etc.) to improve crime prevention
  • Aggressively pursue owners of vacant/blighted properties and increase city resources to bring eyesore properties up to code, and out of the possession of squatters and public offenders
  • Pursue legislative solutions to make it easier for the City to prosecute slum lords
  • Partner with Atlanta Public Schools to assist in the repurposing of unused, surplus facilities for the benefit of community residents and neighborhood improvement


  • Ensure that the $2.5 billion allocation for infrastructure and transportation spending is spent wisely, in collaboration with communities, and that plans are faithfully and transparently executed
  • Fully fund and staff the city’s traffic command center
  • Increase transportation options (light rail, bike lanes, walking paths, etc.)
  • Utilize technology to build smarter, complete streets that apply 21st century strategies to improve traffic flow (light synchronization, dedicated turning lanes, etc.)


  • Make the Atlanta Workforce Development Agency (AWDA) a best in class agency that connects citizens of varying skill and education levels to Atlanta’s vast job opportunities
  • Partner with nonprofits and other organizations to create citywide job readiness offices for AWDA in communities with high unemployment rates
  • Develop a comprehensive, citywide affordable housing strategy
  • Invest in and build upon Atlanta’s position as a central hub for the technology and innovation and the arts and entertainment sectors to bring more access to jobs to local residents
  • Implement a comprehensive strategy to reduce homelessness that help Atlantans get back on their feet and on a path to self-sufficiency


  • Partner with Atlanta Public Schools to create a citywide, universal early education program
  • Create job training programs for adults that are aligned with current and projected job vacancies
  • Develop continuing education opportunities to close the skills gap and lower unemployment, placing a priority on parents of Atlanta Public School students
  • Release all of the deeds to Atlanta Public School owned properties, returning thousands in much-needed funds to children, teachers, and administrators of the school system